The Benton Review

All-Stars and Students of the Week named


Jr. High All Stars at Benton
Central for the week are:
Kemper Waldon – Ms. Mullins
Edwin Gomez-Perez – Mr.
Michael Eastes – Dr. Ritchie
Keely Watt – Mr. Hardebeck
Rhyan Deno – Mr. Gross
Javell Johnson – Mrs. McMillan
Noah Winchester – Mrs. Phelps
Rowan Heim – Miss Thomas
Olive Budreau – Ms. Hiscox

Student of the Week at Benton
Central are:
Reagan Dowell – Ms. Hiscox
Aedan Martin – Mr. Pritchett
Kelsy Wilson – Mr. RuffRuff
Ashley Cinto Renteria –
Ms. Lohmuller
Susan Otero – Mr. Robson
The winner of the PEFCU
Amazon card is Susan Otero.

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